All in one production studio for film and photo productions.

Boutique studio in Merelbeke, Belgium, set in a 19’50’s cinema, the setting, size and ceiling height make this stylish studio a unique space for advertising, fashion, TV and film/photo shoots.
Studio Regie is a purpose built, ground level drive in studio in excess of 300 square feet – one of the biggest studios in East/West Flanders, L shaped infini with a height of 7 Meter by 10,5 meter width.

Equipment rental, In-House Lighting, grip hire, production and custom set building from brief at reasonable rates.
Includes 400V 125A power and offers production support as well as catering, tech assist and full equipment hire options, hair/make-up area, fully equipped kitchen facilities and production room.

All information available in PDF here


Stage Floor                          288m²

Length                                  18m

Width                                    16m

Infini                                     47,25m²

Height                                   7m

Width                                    10,5m

Depth                                    4,5m

Height to truss                    7m (variable)

Height to ceiling                 7,66m

Distance between Truss   4,5m

Total length truss              44 m

Technical seiling                Electrical hoist 6 pieces 250kg. Maximum allowable distributed load on truss 500kg/truss. Electrical 2 pieces 125 kg (backlight infini truss)

Gate                                     2,26m x 4,1m



Black backdrop                4 * 3,7m height | 5,88m width, 2 * 6 m height | 5,88m width

White key                         Yes

Green key                         Yes :On request



Office                                25m²

Makeup                            19m²

Catering                          24m²  Fridge, gas cooking plate, microwave, cleaning zink

Bar                                  5m² Nespresso, cleaning zink

Toilete                           15m² Disabled toilet included

Options                         Internet, WIFI,

Storage (grip)              12m²


2 x 63A CEE

2 x 40A CEE    




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Verhuurstudio voor professionele fotografie en video in België


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